Sunday, May 29, 2016

my short story

For this piece of writing I have been focussing on my vocabulary and punctuation. I have been learning to: -
  • communicate precise meaning related to the topic (Year ⅚)
  • Use basic punctuation that is mostly correct. This includes capital letters, full stops , commas, question marks, exclamation marks, apostrophes and speech marks. (Year ⅚

The pieces of my writing that are highlighted green are where I have shown my vocabulary and punctuation goal

My Story
Trip to the dairy


One morning I woke up as usual made my breakfast and watched some tv
then my brother woke up just like always then I went outside to the dairy
to get some milk. I saw this weird dude in a hoodie. I keep walking.
On the way back home I saw him again so I followed him then he turned
a corner then I did.He was gone I couldn’t see him anywhere so I just
went home then he followed me but I didn’t know.


The next day I was playing football at the park over the road then I saw the same dude but this time I went back home and told my brother.We went out to the gate but he was gone again. I said to my brother how does he do that that’s impossible. So I got my slingshot and my masked hoodie and went looking for him with my brother we went looking around the dairy then we saw him i took a shot at him and then it hit him too.But he stood up and ran.


Back at home me and my brother were thinking about how he disappears all the time.  I don’t get it I said this is impossible there is no way we will find out how that guy bro said it’s probably just skill. He came down our street again I got my slingshot and took another shot at him.He somehow he caught the stone and threw it back hard it just missed.It is good that I have this hoodie I said .my brother Cameron has a weird looking beenie. Anyways back to getting him. We ran after him we nailed him to the ground he was running threw Scott park Cameron pulled his hoodie off. He was around my age we called the cops and he was put in prison.


The next day I want back to Scott park because I had a bad feeling that there were more. Then the rest of his little gang came at me they had then my bro followed me and saw me on the ground he came over and kick one of the group members to the ground he held him and threw to ground. I then tripped one of them and then absolutely wrecked the rest then they were in prison for a long time.


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