Thursday, September 1, 2016

Water ways writting

The water cycle is a process in life that is very important.Without it we would
not probably be alive,so the water cycle is a very important thing.

evaporation is basically water heated up and then evaporated turned into a
Gas:Evaporation little bits of water rising,it then all goes together to form a
big cloud.This occurs when all the molecules of all substance are constantly
in motion. The process of the water molecules escaping the surface of the
earth's atmosphere.the next part of the water cycle condensation/precipitation.

Condensation is the water that is then formed a cloud.Precipitation is where
the gas that made the cloud rains.Condensation is water vapor raising off
the water.Precipitation is the water vapor that made the cloud,then came
back down in water droplets.Condensation is the opposite of evaporation.
Another part of the water cycle runoff/groundwater.

The clouds hang over the top of the mountains then the water runs off
Into the ocean then the ground;About 27 gallons of water are used in the
U.S .Did you know a gallon of water is around 8 pounds.

The water cycle is great and such an important processes if it did not exist
we would barely be alive.

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